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Take control of your life and let your lifestyle be your medicine.

POP Event: Women's Health Seminar

Urinary Incontinence Doesn't Have to Rule Your Life

Dr. Laleh Shaban keynote speaker at POP Event: Women's Health Seminar

Dr Laleh Shaban on Hormone Health

Applied knowledge is power..

Often we think that we only have so many options when it comes, to how we feel, weight gain, losing my hair..

Treating the individual rather than the labs.  Seeing patients at a cellular level

Low Energy and Immuine System Issues

Revive Md Patient Testominal: Lauri Sowa

Lauri shares how Dr. Shaban treats all of you from the inside out!

Patient for over 20 years!

love looking young and being healthy

Renee has been a patient of Dr. Laleh Shaban, MD for the last 20 years, and has embraced Dr. Shaban's approach to functional medicine. Here to share your experience and growth.

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I've been with Dr. Shaban for close to 20 years

patient experince

"Dr. Shaban saved my life" - Jack Franklin. 

Revive MD Medical Group

"Dr. Shaban saved my life" - Jack Franklin. 

What an amazing testimonial, thanks you Jack for sharing such a personal part of your life with us! Here's to your continued health! #reviveMD #health #SLO #functionalmedicine


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Debraoh Franklin: Chronic Fatigue and Stomach Pain

"Now I have the energy to play with my 9 grandchildren"

Deborah describe her quality of life after coming to Dr. Shaban with Chronic fatigue and Stomach Pain

I Googled Glutathione, and found Dr. Laleh Shaban, MD

Michelle Harris: life changing testimonial

Michelle Harris, shares how a simple Google search changed her life, and brought her to Revive MD.  Changing her life, and assisting her on her way to recovery. 

Weight Loss Testominal: Jeri Baker

Weight Loss Program: Revive MD

Jeri Baker, shares her personal experience with Dr. Lalah Shaban and her staff at Revive MD, and how the program, staff and Dr. Shaban have impacted her life.

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